The Grand-Daddy of all Age-Gaps

32 Years

                                            Dear Jordan


  I am the old granny you refer to in May 2007 issue of OK magazine UK. I did used to like you, and was quite honoured that my husband used to go out with you. I was in awe of you! When we talked about you in the press we only said the nice things. However, after your scathing reply in OK magazine, and your personal nasty attacks and insults about both me and my husband, I now no longer am a fan in any way shape or form. We are not surprised that your relationship with Peter Andre has ended as even your own television programme shows how you treat others around you. It is clear that you only love yourself, and the ultimate selfish act Katie is ask for someone out there to give you 1 million pounds for a super horse to ride!

  At least Katie I unlike you am not a slaggy type, and to say my husband smells and he was a thick as shit? How well did you do in your exams Miss Price? and how close did you get to my husband?

 Well you must have been close enough!