The Grand-Daddy of all Age-Gaps

32 Years

                                                RISK 2

                                Do you remember the old board game risk?


        A while ago, in 2008 I was looking for a pc version of risk, by mistake I stumbled across an online gaming

  community where risk is played. Its entirely free to play and a licensed download of the full game is available from

      the red push me button in the risk2 lobby. One installed you are ready to play with members from all over the  

                           globe, be it for fun or rankings in ladders. Good Luck! The only rule is dont quit.

             To play just click the link here for the warzone client above left. Once installed get risk 2 US version


      It has been a target of mine to hit number 1 on all the important ranking ladders at risk2. I play as GM_CSH   

                                   (GM=Grand Masters of Risk 2) Click the links to track my progress




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                                                                                                 Flash Game - Like a Mini Risk